Sunday, March 27, 2011


Mom and I came up to Dad's room this morning to relieve Amy from her night shift.  Dad slept much better last night, thank goodness.  Today Dad has continued to sleep.  Which we are grateful for.  I used to get pretty annoyed when I could hear my Dad snoring but today it was comforting and I didn't mind a bit. 

We've had a few extra vistors as well.  Two doctors from the neurosurgeon team stopped by to check on Dad's progress.  One was in the surgery and said everything went really smoothly.  They took the banadges off the incision.  It's pretty gnarly.  I wanted to post pictures, but Mom and Amy thought they might be too traumatic to some.  Perhaps when they clean up his head a bit more, it won't look so bad and we can post a picture.  The doctors feel he is doing really well and are quite pleased with his progress.

Another nurse/doctor (not sure which), came in to start some balance work with him.  She made him practice standing with his feet together with his eyes open for 30 seconds and then closed for 30 seconds.  He also has to practice doing this with one foot in front of the other and then practice lifting one foot up at a time.  The biggest task is to do this on a pillow while counting backwards from 100 by 7's.  This helps him to get the reaction time of his balancing reflex quicker.  Dad does this in a corner in case he needs to lean on something.  We'll be working on these exercises a couple times a day.

He's required to use a cane to walk.  And asked if there were some defensive cane movements he could practice.  I laughed pretty hard, to which he responded, "I wouldn't laugh too hard, you'll probably get hit the most from it."  Got to love Dad's humor.  We then spent a few moments talking about how to pad the cane so it wouldn't hurt too bad.  I took Dad on a few laps around the floor and kept saying, "Dad use your cane.  I'm not tough enough to keep you from falling."  or "Dad, the cane goes out in front, not to the side.  Stop dragging it."  He was pretty annoyed, so I might need to add a little bit of padding to it.

Dad has also had some family visitors today too.  Uncle Matt, Aunt Jane,  and Megan (his niece) all came up.  We're awaiting the arrival of grandsons, sons and daughter in-laws.  He's excited to see them all.  And all of you too.  He's looked out the window a few times to check on the J.  He asks all the time if there are new comments on the blog we can read to him.  He gains a lot of strength from all of you, and so do we as his family.  Thank you for all you do!


  1. Dave,

    Nice to see you up and about! Don't worry too much if you can't balance, stand on a pillow put one foot in front of the other and count backwards by 7's....geez who thinks up these tests?? Victor and I are really enjoying your blog, tell your family thanks for keeping everyone so updated. We are thinking of you.

    Karla (with a K) from the J.

  2. Hey Dave,
    Wow it's great to hear you're up and balancing :) Now it's time for some nice Spring weather to aid you in your recovery. We're thinking of you and are sending you our love and prayers (yep you have a key spot in Wylie's "nite-nite blessings", right up there with the dogs and monster trucks).

    Stay strong and smiling!
    -Brooke & Wylie (JCC family)

  3. I'm not sure I could stand on a pillow, count backwards from 100 by 7's & do various balancing exercises. I think just counting backwards by 7's would be a task. Keep up the good work. We are pulling for you!

  4. Hi Dave,
    Shawn and I were probably talking when you were looking out the window at us. We were certain that you'd walk in any minute. Please keep working on all those tests - balancing,counting, cane warfare,whatever it is you have to do to get better. We miss you.

  5. I was just thinking the same thing as Amy - that sounds like tough exercises. I just kept thinking of Pres. Hinckley with his cane - he didn't seem to use it for it's intended purpose either. :) It was great to visit you today, Grandpa. The boys were most impressed with the incision (and the helicopters). See you soon at home! Love from all of us!

  6. Ugh. I meant "those sound like tough exercises". I did graduate from Delta High, but I at least had an English teacher who was a teacher first and not a coach. :)

  7. Hi Dave,
    It was great to visit with you and your family today! Chris has wanted to visit all last week, but was tied to the job. I was so glad that both Megan and Christie were able to stop by. My girls are so close to you and you have been so good to them thru the years. You have been a second Dad for them. They love you so much!
    Chris and I were at a meeting tonight with the Landward family. I was asked to give a report on your condition. They have been following the blog and praying for you. There are so many people cheering you on, praying for you and keeping you in their thoughts.
    Friday, our world came to a halt while a hand full of surgeons gathered around you and opened your head to remove the tumor that was taking your life. Sunday the world turned again as you continued to turn back the clock, and find the Dave we have known. It was so great to hear your voice today. It was so clear and strong. We rejoice in your life and the strength that was returned to you. Glad to have you back!

    Russ & Chris

  8. Dave,
    I'm so glad to hear of your progress and that you are sleeping better. Are you working with an Occupational Therapist or OT Assistant?? I'm just wondering since that is what gavin is graduating in. Who on earth thought of counting backwards by 7's I can't even count forward by 7's :), seriously.
    Keep smiling and wacking people with your cane.


    PS. I live so close to the hospital, we have a guest bed and shower and kitchen that family is more than welcome to use. Please remember that.

  9. Hi Brother,
    I can't wait to see you. I had to get Lou home from the hospital Saturday. Not sure when we can make the drive, but as soon as I can I will be up there to see you. Hey,I heard Wendy brought you some cookies, can I bring something? I make good Chicken Noodle soup or Mom's chili? And, I promise my food doesn't come with a spray of apple juice! I am so happy to see you doing so well. We need our big brother! Love you all. Jenny & family

  10. Dave is amazing! I don't think I could count backwards from 100 in 7's if my life depended on it! :) Sending prayers and thoughts your way!

  11. Dave,

    I wrote an email to Adam on Sunday and filled him in on what has been happening with you. He wrote back and said to tell you that he will pray for your continued recovery and good outcome. He commented that one of the things brought up most often by people he talks to is 'why do bad things happen to good people?' none of us knows the 'perfect answer' to that, but what we do know is that God loves his children. Take care - Julie