Friday, March 25, 2011

Surgery is Over

Finally, surgery is over.  It was longer than expected, but is the surgeon is very pleased with the results.

The mass was described as about the size of a brown chicken egg - definitely originating in the brain.  Dr. Jensen used an ultrasound machine with a high power suction/vacuum unit to blast and remove pieces of the Deathstar.  He mentioned that he was able to remove all could be seen, however there are often microscopic cancerous cells that remain behind.  We will treat these with chemo and radiation therapy.  Dr. Jensen also said that the language and speech center remains intact and that dad should experience no problems in that area.  Tomorrow an additional MRI will be completed and on Wednesday, Dr. Jensen will present dad's case before the specialist council and a treatment plan will be decided. 

Dad will spend about an hour in recovery before being moved to the ICU where we will be able to see him.  He could be up and moving as early as this evening and could potentially leave earlier than planned. 

PS - They performed part of the surgery while dad was conscious.  The surgeon reported he seemed annoyed every time they woke him up and that he mostly snored through the surgery. 

Thank you all, for your thoughts and prayers today.  We will continue to report as things progress. 


  1. That's my Dad - the snorer. I hope it didn't bother the surgeon as much as it keeps us up at night.

  2. Glad the surgery went well. We pray that recovery is even better! Love you guys!

  3. so glad to hear that all went well!! Our thoughts and prayers have been with you today and will be during recovery also!