Friday, March 25, 2011

For those of us waiting in a far away land. . .

Dad and llamas
 . .  today could not have been any better except if I had been in the waiting room at the hospital. (I'm going to skip over the part where I showed the wrong episode of a video to a class because I was so distracted today - none of them said a thing and they couldn't answer a single question on the video sheet)  It is not fun having to be hundreds of miles away, not being able to do anything.  The support I've gotten here has been great.  The teachers I've worked with for the past three years at PCFC & now at IHS got me a card, flowers and a journal and have offered to watch my classes, make copies, etc.  It's totally amazing.  Several of my students have given me cards or offered me chocolate,  have been constantly asking about Dad, politely ignored any crying and have allowed me to break my rule about phones in class without expecting the same privleges in turn.  Friends in the ward have invited me over for dinner and many friends have been praying for us and two of my friends got me a plane ticket to go home during Spring Break instead of having to drive.  The best part is hearing memories that some of my friends have about my Dad, that even I don't remember.  I'm going to share one those stories with you.  My friend Tracie Moore Egelston wanted to share this memory:

"I read through the whole blog and when I wasn't crying. I was laughing.  I have SO MANY wonderful memories of your dad when we were all growing up in Westminster.  I remember trying so hard to be quiet when your dad was sleeping and I actually remember being at your house on a Sunday watching Star Wars.  When my grandpa passed away, I stayed with you guys.  Your Dad made sure I was okay and asked me questions about my grandpa.  I know I would have not dealt with that loss so well if it had not been for your dad and your whole family.  Your dad always treated me like the "The 7th Smith Kid"!  I am praying and sending lots of love your way.  Miles and time may have seperated us over the years, but I still love my "family".  The special family God himself chose to be such an important part of my life."

Thanks Tracie  & thanks to all those who are helping me survive so far away.  I can't wait to go home in 9 days!

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