Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Beginning

A few weeks ago my mom called me.  "Have you noticed anything different about dad?"  He had just been in Washington for a few days to move Abbie to Utah but I hadn't noticed anything.  Dad seemed tired and a little withdrawn, but under current circumstances, totally understandable.  Yet, mom seemed sure there was something wrong and asked dad to get checked out.  After a brief doctors appointment, dad has a complete brain MRI on Friday, March 4.  The doctor wasted no time and called the very next day to set appointment with a specialist.

Diagnosis:  Glioblastoma, the most common and most aggressive type of brain tumor there is.  (

There is no clear cause for these types of tumors and no genetic connection.  It isn't something he did or didn't do.  The doctor said, "You're just unlucky."  Wow... that's some luck, huh?

We have a long passionate history with Star Wars in our family.  It was one of the few movies dad would let us watch on Sunday, using the clear battle between good and evil as his reason.  From dogs to llamas, several of our pets have been named after Star Wars characters.  As we begin this battle with brain cancer, it seemed only fitting that we turn to Star Wars for the name of our opponent:  Deathstar.

There has been such a great outpouring of love and support from so many of our family and friends.  We appreciate all your phone calls, Facebook posts and messages, and emails.  We started this blog to help keep everyone up to date on the battle. 

Status:  Dad is scheduled for surgery on Friday, March 18.  The goal is to remove as much of the deathstar (tumor) as possible while not causing any further damage to dad's brain.  Although they don't expect this to alleviate any of the current symptoms, short term memory loss, tiredness, and just a general mellowness, they do expect that this will help to prevent further brain swelling which will help to prevent further symptoms.  Dad is expected to spend 3-4 days in the hospital after surgery. 

We will be posting here regularly to share our experiences with you.  We will share all comments and posting with dad, so feel free to share your thoughts for him here.


  1. This blog is a great idea, thank you for starting it. Since I heard this news I have been thinking of uncle David and praying for him and your family. I will continue to pray. Love you all very much.
    Lisa Metcalf

  2. Thanks for the blog Smith Family! We love our Uncle Dave / Big Brother and will keep a prayer in our hearts for Dave and your entire family. This will be a wild ride, and we will be with you the entire way!

    Russ and Chris

  3. Thank you for the blog. You are also in our thoughts and prayers. We love you all and will be praying for you Dave. Love, Jen & Lou & kids

  4. I love the Star Wars reference. We've been praying for you guys everyday. Uncle Dave you are awesome, we love you and keep strong and listen to the force.
    Jake and Melyssa

  5. Thanks for the Blog. It is so helpful to be able to have a place to go for information and updates with out disturbing you or the family. We will keep in touch and know that you are in our prayers.
    Much love - Brian and Julie

  6. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Your dad is such a source of fun and laughter one minute and a spiritual leader the next. I am a mother of scouts in the OC ward and so appreciated the love and concern he had for my sons. He taught them to love the gospel and to have fun livingt the principles. Jerry loves your Dad for all of the time that they spent scouting and goofing off together. Your whole family has touched us greatly and I know you will unite and be one in this fight! Please let us know where he is having his surgery. Our email is We love you all! Jill and Jerry Hintze

  7. To each of you-
    Hugs, love, and most of all prayers...
    Holly, Roarke, Sadie, Emma, Miles, Avery, & Graham