Friday, March 25, 2011

Progress Update

 In the waiting room they have a screen (see below) that shows the progress of all the surgery's going on.  Dad is the top pink bubble.  We're getting towards the end.  Now this is just the estimated time of surgery, it could take much longer.  But we feel like we're making progress.  Nothing to report really.  Mom, Abbie, Grandpa Smith, Uncle Russ, Mike and I are just sitting here waiting. 

Just got a call from the nurse.  They are still operating.  No thoughts on how much longer it will be.... but she said he was doing well. 
Keep the prayers coming!


  1. Hey guys! Abbie you and your momma look so dang cute in that picture and i really had to laugh at mike...he looks like a thug! So funny! Sure love you guys and I am following every update and reporting back to my mom (seeing as she and computers....aren't really friends. Thanks for letting us all experience this with you, it means so much to me.

    Love you Dave - Keep fighting, your almost done!!! PS I named my cancer race after you this year because I really think you have so much courage to be doing what your doing! Thanks for being so inspiring. You make me want to live better today then I did yesterday..seriously cause yesterday was not my finest moment!

  2. Brian and I are watching via computer. Brian is on the road today but has his I-Pod with him for when he gets in range of the internet. Our prayers are with all of you and especially the surgeons. We are planning to fly over in the morning. We'll probably get to the hospital around noonish. Love - Brian and Julie

  3. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and the family. May the Lord watch over him and his surgeons during this process.

    We are here for you if you need anything!
    Bart and Tonya

  4. I am so happy for all of theses updates! I am waaay more intense about this than we were the Jimmer show last night, and that's saying a lot! haha! Even Crew is curious. He keeps asking Grandpa's picture on the computer, "Are you better Grandpa David?" And he's blowing lots of kisses at the screen for Grandpa. And he just said, "I love you!" (But it sounded more like singing "aahh luuff yaa! dodado!") Hang in there! Love you all!

  5. We put your Dad's name on the Dallas Temple prayer rolls yesterday. Our thoughts are with you!!!

    Shawn and Bekah Bills and family.

  6. Yes, THANK YOU for the updates. It's been very nice. I'm so glad everything went well. We can't wait to come see Grandpa! Had to laugh about the snoring...