Tuesday, March 22, 2011


One of my favorite memories of my dad involves one of my dad's favorite places in the world, 7-11.  :)  It was a typical Saturday morning in my childhood, I couldn't have been older than 8 or 9.  My mom had spent the morning telling us to "Be QUIET and DON'T wake your dad up!" while we watched Saturday morning cartoons and acted out G.I.Joe battles.  Dad worked nights, and I imagine he never slept much on Friday night/Saturday morning.  We heard heavy footsteps on the stairs and I clearly remember the look of panic in Robert and Mike's eyes as they stared at me.  "Clean up" Mike shouted, but Dad was in the room faster than me could manage to get the cushions on the couch. 

"What are you doing?" he said in a somewhat raised voice.  "Wrestling," Robert responded very matter-of-factly, dads raised voice never seemed to unnerve him.  "Why did you stop?" Dad said in a very playful voice and then picked Mike up and threw him in the cushion pile.  We wrestled for what felt like hours as Mike and Rob showed off their newest WWF moves and I tried not get tickled....  dad always cheated and tickled us.  I HATE being tickled.  THEN - on a Saturday morning BEFORE breakfast he took us to 7-11 for slurpees.  I did all my chores that day without complaining.  I even remember it was my turn to pick up the dog poop in the back yard.  It was a fun day.  I loved spending Saturday's with dad.

Status:  As you probably know, surgery is scheduled for Friday.  We are not sure exactly what time yet, but will let everyone know when we do.  Dad's headaches persist.  We're hoping removing some of the tumor will alleviate some of the pressure in his head and give him some rest from the headaches.  We are so grateful for your prayers, calls, comments, emails and support.  Katie (Robert's wife) wrote on her blog that their son Lincoln "prays every day for Grandpa David to live to be 365 times 11 or else to 1,000 years old."  Thanks Lincoln, that is our prayer as well.

Mike shared an interesting perspective the other day.  He said he felt that knowing your time frame for death was truly a merciful gift from our Heavenly Father.  When you're taken instantly in an accident or tragedy, many are left behind sometimes with regrets and without closure.  Most of us procrastinate making needed changes to our lives and relationships thinking we will get to it eventually.  Knowing your time is limited brings some added perspective, clarity and motivation.  It allows everyone the opportunity to make the changes they want and to truly enjoy the time they have together.  Though I fully expect to have my dad around for awhile still, I'm grateful for the clarity this experience as well as my mom's cancer a few years ago has brought to my life.  I love you, dad. 


  1. Dear David, Janis and Family, My prayers are always with you. We pray for the best possible outcome. We know the will of our Heavenly Father will be done. So my prayer is that it will be His will to give David the remaining years of life on this earth with all of you that he desires. Remember NEVER GIVE UP!!! NO MATTER WHAT! All my love, Dad, Grandpa and G Grandpa

  2. I just found this blog. I want to express my love to Dave and his entire family. They are a blessing in my life. I am thankful for technology that allows us to keep in contact and informed. Please accept our love and prayers. You are in our thoughts and prayers. I will endeavor to get your information for personal contact. Will Love

  3. I loved reading about your memories. We are praying for your dad and hope this surgery will be very beneficial. Thank you for the updates!

  4. Amy I believe I would like the ability to write an entry...Can you set me up with that...oh I know now why Fathers use tickling in a family wrestle match, besides its effectiveness rating as a weapon by strict US Military testing has concluded an almost perfect score 9.89 out of 10. (Coincidently that was the same rating Michelle gave me when we first met) However, Fathers use this tactical weapon for one purpose...laughter!! I can witness of this because I am a Father x2. After long 24 and 48 hour shift work there is nothing more comforting and exciting to hear my sons double over and just belly laugh. It somehow signals to a Dad his children are happy, they feel safe, and that they are secure. It fills a Dads heart to hear his children laugh. So amongst the sunday afternoon wrestling matches a dad is beaming with pride because he knows based on the laughter and number of hulk hogan leg drops not only is he going to win the match but that he is providing for his little family and a Father needs to know these things.

    Thank You Dad for all the exhausted wrestling matches and for not hurting us when we woke you up....but just tickling us until we rolled with laughter. I love You Love M

  5. Thanks Amy for a great story! Your Dad talks about you guys whenever we are together. He is so proud of each of you. A week ago Dave and I were hanging out in Provo waiting for Grandpa Curt to get out of surgery. On the way home I mentioned to Dave that I wanted to stop at a c store. He listed 3 or 4 7-11s on the way home. I got a good laugh out of the entire discussion. I just wish he would swear off the egg salad sandwiches!

    Stay Strong
    Uncle Russ

  6. The picture at the top of this post is exactly what I think of when I think of my Uncle David... thanks for sharing your memory. Remember how many people love you and your whole family


  7. Thanks for sharing this memory. I could totally picture it. I second what Mike said about the ability to write. You and Abbie are amazing at keeping up on this blog. There will still be some fun times to come. :) See you soon!