Wednesday, March 30, 2011

For all you blog junkies.....

The Boys
You can quit texting me for updates now....  :)  I actually don't mind the texts and apologize for not getting an update done yesterday.  I know you're all used to getting two to three a day.  As dad sleeps soundly, I thought I'd try to post.  Yesterday was a long day and when I tried last night to get an update done, I was too tired to write much.

We've settled into a routine as we begin day 2 of dad being home.  His pain seems very mild and very controlled and he continues on an assortment of other meds; steroids, anti-seizures, etc.  He's been on a large, heavy dosage of steroids since the surgery to keep down the swelling and inflammation down.  The steroids have kept him awake and slightly on edge.  Today, we begin cutting the dosage in half.  We've already seen the results as he is still very asleep.  We anticipate him sleeping more and more as he comes off the steroids.  Once his strength begins to build back up, he will start staying awake longer.

Abbie took dad on a walk around the block yesterday.  Though he is still slow, his balance is getting better.  He doesn't seem to be favoring his right side so much and is continually more stable as he walks.  I believe we've gone a full 24 hours since his last fall.  That is very good news. 

Mike is here this morning to install some hand rails in the shower to make things a bit safer for dad.  He was able to wash his head yesterday and clean up his wound and ear.  It's looking really good!  The staples will come out next Monday.

We anticipate a call tonight from the Jedi Council (or the Huntsman Cancer Institute team) with a treatment plan for further elimination of the Deathstar.  We expect this to contain Chemotherapy and Radiation treatments beginning in the next few weeks. 

We have had a few visitors, which have been fun.  Tracy Gunn (neighbor from the ward) and her son Logan stopped by last night and gave some of their families favorite John Wayne movies.  Dad is sure excited to watch them.  Also, a big thank you to Ryan Smith and family.  Dad is sure excited to eat steaks tonight!! 

We will post again this evening when we know more about the treatment plan.

Have a great day!


  1. Thank you for fulfilling my request. You posting is probably easier than having me call 100 times a day

  2. Thanks so much for letting us come by and visit. It was so good to see Dave. Logan came home and had to tell his Dad and Riley how cool and gross Daves staples were. It made us all laugh. I hope he enjoys the movies and please let me know if you need anything.