Monday, March 28, 2011

Home Sweet Home

This morning Dad received his discharge orders, and he's now here at home resting.

Yesterday evening Dr. Jensen stopped by to check in on Dad.  Dad's been waiting for this visit from the moment he left surgery.  Dr. Jensen let Dad know how pleased he was with the surgery, and how great his incision looks.  He also asked Dad if he remembered anything from surgery.  Dad mostly remembers feeling pain and hearing the vacuum.  The Doctor told us that there were some veins toward the bottom part of his brain that when they would start bleeding the Doctor would cauterize them and each time he did Dad would say, "Ouch."  The doctor thought it was sort of humorous.  Dad of course doesn't.

Dr. Jensen also was able to take a look at the after surgery MRI Dad had done on Saturday morning.  The Doc said everything looked really great.  That he was able to remove 95% of the tumor.  The other 5% was in a place he didn't want to touch, and he knew that going into surgery.  So we'll be relying on radiation and chemo therapy to keep that 5% in check for as long as we can.  Mom and Dad will hear from Dr. Jensen Wednesday night regarding the next steps in treatment.

Dad will also be participating in physical and occupational therapy.  His balance is something he will really be working on.  He's pretty tired and weak, so we are trying to keep him rested.  He'd love visitors if any of you are thinking about stopping by.  We'd love to see you between the hours of 6 and 8 pm.

I find it really amazing that 72 hours after brain surgery Dad is able to come home.  This whole thing is a miracle!


  1. AMEN!

    uncle russ

  2. Amazing! We were so relieved to hear that things went so well in surgery. We love you all and are praying for you!

  3. Dangit! That is outstanding!! I am so happy that Dave is at home. The best place in the world to be.
    Nothing but good thoughts!

  4. Dave,
    I am so grateful you came through surgery with an excellent prognosis. You will be in my thoughts every day. Keep that smile. May the magic and miracles that surround your life embrace you and your family and enrich your days with beauty, joy and laughter. I miss you.

  5. Im so grateful for the updates!!! Thank u so much!!! You are in my thoughts and prayers continuously! Sending our love your way!!
    Love u all!!!!
    Rich & Tif Orellano

  6. Nice job Dave! Unbelievable that you are able to come home so soon after such a surgery. It must be because you are so tough. Hang in there, continue to heal, rest and don't get too crazy with your cane! Your office is too quiet, you need to return quickly so I can hear you popping your Coke Zero again! My missionary asks about you every Monday, he'll be happy to hear you are home. Take care,

  7. Dave,

    So glad to find out about this website we have been worried about you and craved for the latest news. Glad to here you are home again and doing well. Keep up the good work.

    I have to ask the question we have all been wondering: What did they find in there? I said they would find Silly Putty (you are a child of the 50's after all) Jill said they would find Jelly Beans. Stephen said they would find Llama snot as it seemed to cover you at times and he wondered if it was leaking out. Spencer thought the problem was a stray Mormon cricket that crawled in during a scout camp and had been hiding out ever since. Who was right?

    Keep the good work and thanks to your family for creating this blog to keep us posted on your progress.

    Love, Jerry and Jill

  8. Dear Dave & Family, It is such a great achivement
    to be home so soon. Keep the positive attitude, that's what is driving you. I love you and would like to come and see you on Fri. My schedule that day would bring me there before noon, it thats ok. I'm planning to stay at Wendys Fri. night and go with the boys to Priesthood Meeting on Sat. evening. This is the schedule I'll follow unless I hear from you diffeently. Remember Never give up but do it right now
    All my love, Dad