Friday, March 25, 2011

Finally Asleep

Mom and Dad at Andy's Wedding
The lights are finally off and dad is finally asleep.  The steroids they were giving him right after surgery to help with the swelling were keeping him in an hyper-awake mode for many hours.  Several times this afternoon we thought he was asleep, and then he would comment on the conversation we were having.  It was quite humorous. 

The night nurse has been amazing.  He called dad "boss" and dad called him "sir" and it was a match made in heaven.  He explained so much to both of us about his meds and what to expect tonight and has been so kind and attentive.  We were given clearance just an hour ago for dad to begin eating and drinking.  Graham crackers topped with chocolate pudding are the snack of choice at the moment.  (Gross!)  LOL

There is so much medication going on.  He's on a heavy steroid for inflammation, an anti-seizure med, insulin, two IV's (fluids and one for sodium), an antacid, a long-term pain med, as well as an additional pain med for breakthrough pain.  The barrage of medication is expected to last another two to three days. 

Dad has been so concerned about responding to all of the comments on the blog.  He asks me to read them over and over again.  Thank you for all the kind words and thoughts today.  They have meant so much to him and to the rest of us as well.

We still have a long fight ahead, but feel a bit more confident about that fight at the moment.


  1. Hello Cousins! We are all so glad to hear how well the day went. It was so nice to be able to check in with this blog. Our prayers continue for a speedy recovery. May you all have a good night's sleep. God bless you! Margie & family

  2. I am surprised that the first thing I do in the morning is to read the blog. I can tell from your words that Dave is Dave and I am so relieved. Your JCC family members are all thinking of you and know that there is a long fight ahead but we know that this fighter is up to the task. Lean on us for support.
    Even your extended JCC family has been checking in. I had a call from Tuscon and from Turkey wondering how you were. Board members have been checking in for updates on your status.
    Get some rest. Keep smiling and keep fighting.
    love, Andrea

  3. Crew says, "Look mommy, grandma & grandpa are getting married!" Glad things are going well!