Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Duke, Westerns, War movies & my Dad

John Wayne (No pictures of Dad because I'm in the middle of rescuing all my files from my now defunct laptop)
This post has nothing to do with my Dad's condition, but I like to keep him updated on what I'm doing since I can't be there until Spring Break next week.  Today I was able to talk with him for more than a sentence or two (which was great) during which he informed me that I'd have to help him get around next week (I think he may have just done all the balance stuff Abbie talked about in the previous post).  

Last night and today I've made some interesting movie choices and realized they have to do with my Dad.  My Dad likes to watch John Wayne movies, westerns, and war movies.  Growing up, I did not like these movies, but if I wanted to watch TV when those movies were on - it's what I was stuck with.  Even now Dad turns the channels until he can find a movie that fits into one of his favorite categories. 

Last night I watched Flying Tigers with John Wayne (which I don't recall seeing before, but I'm sure I have)  and right now I'm watching Donovan's Reef and The Alamo is up next.

When I first started teaching US History and was looking for a WWII movie to show my students that wasn't Pearl Harbor, I remembered having to watch war movies on TV on July 4th or Memorial Day with Dad- especially Midway.  Every year I've taught US History, my students have to watch Midway.  Today I pulled out Midway and watched it again. 

I've definitely gained an appreciation of The Duke, Westerns & War Movies because of my Dad (& I'll bring some to watch next week Dad!)


  1. Hi Smiths: we are so glad that Dave is coming along....and the mending has begun! We are so happy to read about the progress and some things are still in his sense of humor!
    We like *the duke* westerns too!
    We'll continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers. KEEP GOING!! Love, Dave & Dix

  2. It was a tremendous experience for me to see my brother yesterday! So relieved and happy to visit with you Dave. I hope the egg salad sandwich met with your expectations. Janis, so great to see you yesterday! Julie and I will be following closely.
    Love, Hope and Prayers

  3. Hey guys, this is BJ Stewart from Norco! It seems like it's been forever since I've seen any of you guys. (I actually had dinner with Rob and Joel a few years back at Olive Garden and it was great to catch up). I figured I'd just drop you a line and let you know that your family is in our prayers. We sure hope that you know we love and care about you. All you guys left such an impact on me personally. I have tons of memories of sleepovers, campouts, church activities, etc and have really come to appreciate those. A

    nyway...just wanted to let you know we were thinking about you guys.

    Love BJ and Wendy