Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Dear Friends and Family:
As some of you know, a personal post by a member of our family was accidentally posted to this blog. I would ask that you forgive us. We are all under a great deal of stress with David's situation, not to mention events happening in our own personal lives. We are not a perfect family; we are just trying to figure all of this out. I hope that you will be understanding and kind with us.
And because I'm a mom, I just have one comment about this kind of social interaction. Who is the real us? We can pretend to be someone we are not when we interact via the web or make comments on other's blogs. Is that the real us or is that someone we pretend to be? Today's social media allows us to become whoever and whatever we want to be - "a man unstable in all his ways." It behooves each of us to have integrity and be the same kind of person at all times and in all places - even in our social media interactions - or else we may forget who we REALLY are. Enough of that lecture from Mom.
We are thankful for your support and help; please continue to pray for our family as we struggle to make sense of all of this.


  1. There are certain factors that make us who we are..Indeed...Daniel

  2. Well said Janis! We continue to pray for your family, we love you!!!