Saturday, April 2, 2011


A week before Dad's originally scheduled surgery we had a family dinner.  With the future uncertain, I felt like we needed to capture this moment together.  I had seen on a different blog that I read religiously that they often hired a photographer to come hang out during their family parties and events to document the whole thing.  I felt that is what we needed.  I love pictures, especially candid ones.  At the last minute I sent an email off to the author of the blog, CJane, explaining our situation and asking who she would recommend.  Her husband responded quickly and whole heartily recommended Justin Hackworth, a family friend of theirs, who he had already contacted on my behalf.  Justin gave me a call the day before and we arranged everything.  I thought it would seem a little weird to just have a photographer taking our pictures as we did what we as a family do best... hang out, eat dinner, talk and laugh.  But we both agreed it would be worth it. 

And Justin delivered pictures that we will treasure forever.  He captured our family just they way we are.  Here's a link to the slide show he made of his favorites from the night.  I cry every time I watch it.  These pictures are beautiful.

I highly recommend doing this.  Justin is amazing and takes beautiful pictures.  But if you can't get Justin, get someone.  It's truly worth it.

UPDATE: Dad is slowly recovering.  We try to go on daily walks, but sometimes he's just too tired.  This coming week he's got meetings with the oncology team and with the occupational therapist.  On Thursday Dad directed from his lawn chair the proper preparation of three of his garden beds.  We'll plant on Monday, after this little snow storm blows over tomorrow.  I think he enjoys being outside, it just takes all his energy to get there.  We hope he becomes a bit more stronger before radiation starts (potentially in a week).


  1. Beautiful pictures! I cried, and I don't know most of you; but it's clear that you have an amazing, loving family :)

  2. I cried too. I miss you all, it has been way to long since I saw you guys. My family will continue to pray for your family. Thanks the the pics and the updates. Love you =D

  3. Abbie, it was such a great idea to get a photographer! He did a fabulous job. Oh and I totally cried too. Good luck planting flowers tomorrow!

  4. That is the family I know and love! Those are the tender mercies the Lord lets us enjoy. I hope you are enjoying your time together. Will Love

  5. I loved the pictures, what a fun idea. I cried watching the slide show. I hope Dave continues to improve.

  6. Those are a treasure-- the hugs especially- like time in a bottle--
    Hugs and prayers to each of you.