Monday, May 2, 2011

My Mom

Mom Reading to Daniel
Today is my mom's birthday.  And so I beg your indulgence as I write a post about my mom on the blog devoted to my dad.

My mom is the most amazing woman I know and I learned many amazing things from her.  Little known facts about my mom:
1.  She won several awards for her creative writing in middle and high school.  I won an award for a story she helped me write in grade school.  She did all the story telling... I just wrote it down.

2.  She is an amazing cook, even though when asked, she will say she hates cooking.  She always told me people think she's a good cook because she doesn't waste her time with recipes that aren't amazingly delicious.

3.  My mom knows more music than I ever will.  All of us (her children) gained a love and appreciate of a variety of music from her.  I can still picture sitting in the back seat seat of the van as a child and watching my mom sing every word of "Rock of Ages" by Def Leppard.  "You Betcha!"

4.  Mom is extremely talented with fabric.  She makes the most amazing quilts I have ever seen.  She also does some of the most beautiful hand applique work I have ever seen.  She was invited to be a member of a prestigious applique guild here in Salt Lake.

5.  Driving is one my mom's favorite things to do. 

6.  Mom was the first in our family to battle cancer.  This year marks her 3rd year after breast cancer.  I asked her today what one of her best accomplishments has been.  She responded "I'm still alive."  Many of you know she has her own set of health issues to deal with, as she said today, "My body keeps trying to kill itself off but I just won't let it."  My dad's fight with cancer has been made less scary because of my mom's past experiences. 

7.  Mom's favorite TV show is Law & Order: Criminal Intent.  She was SO glad when Vincent D'Onofrio returned. 

8.  Mom has more faith than anyone I know of.  Anyone.  She admits to not knowing or understanding everything.  She admits to struggling.  Yet, she is devoted to the Lord and will always do whatever is asked of her.  Robert summed it up best once.  When my dad and brothers were moving Melody and I to Seattle, we drove a WAY overpacked trailer with tire problems from Southern California to Seattle, WA avoiding what could have been some serious problems.  Rob said after arriving, "You know we only made it because mom was praying every minute for our safety, right?"  Exactly right. 

9.  Mom played guitar and organ in a band in high school.  She since taught most of us to play guitar and both Mike and Rob played in bands in high school. 

10.  She is devoted to her grandsons and would do anything for them. 

I love the picture above of my mom reading to Daniel.  I love it because of the way Daniel stares at her, not at the book.  Those around her know of her goodness and stare in awe.  As I get older, I come to appreciate more and more the things my mom taught me and did for me growing up.  She truly is my best friend.  I love you, mom.



  1. What a beautiful and fitting tribute. Happy Birthday Janis!

  2. Happy birthday Janis and may you have many, many more!!! All my love, Dad Smith

  3. Amen! Your mom is the most amazing woman I've ever met.

  4. What a great post Amy! Happy Birthday Janis! Thanks for remembering the simple things. Stay strong Smith family and always remember "His eye is on the sparrow". You all are in our prayers.

    Uncle Russ

  5. Well said, Amy! We love you Grandma!!

  6. We are all so blessed to have Janis in our lives. I love that picture of her and Daniel. He loves reading with grandma and always says that grandma Janis is his friend. I am so grateful to see her play with all of the grandkids and the outpour of love that she has for all of them, whenever we visit. We love you, Grandma!