Thursday, April 21, 2011

Daily Grind

Well, today marked the start of Chemotherapy and Radiation for Dad.  We now move into another treatment phase (instead of recovery).  Here's what Dad's daily schedule looks like now:

6:20- Mom leaves for work, Dad goes back to sleep
8:00- Amy or I come bug him to wake him up enough to want to eat something.  We make breakfast while Dad takes his blood sugar.  We deliver breakfast along with his morning medications (a total of 5 pills)
8:30- Dad falls asleep watching the morning news.

12:30- Dad takes his anti nausea medication
1:15ish- We drive Dad up to meet Mom at work
1:30- Dad takes chemotherapy pill (while we're driving)
2:00- Meet Mom, switch cars and head up to Huntsman
2:30- Daily does of Radiation
3:00- (at least we hope this will be the time) Head home
4:00- Relax at home for the evening
5:00- Dinner
8:00- Family scripture and prayer and nightly medications (including insulin injection and now his antibiotic)
9:00- Most lights go out at the house (a.k.a. Bed Time)

Dad gets some free time between 8 and 1.  Lately he's been up and about either working from home, going on a walk, looking at the small garden I've managed to plant, or sleeping (This week he even made it out on a drive with Uncle Russ!).  He's hoping to be able to stop in at work a few times each week before his afternoon treatments.  We hope he'll have the energy to do as he wants.  We don't really know what to expect, except Michelle mentioned they have shirts that say: "Eat, Sleep, Radiation."  So we are trying to keep our expectations as realistic as possible. 

 As you can see from the picture above Dad's scar is looking really good.  We saw a handful of people with the same scar at radiation today.  Dad is also wearing one of his "Man Bibs" that Mel gave him.  We've just been using a towel, but now he looks more stylish. 

Here's where we go 5 days a week up at the Huntsman Cancer Center

Here's the puzzle I'll be working on each time we go up!




  2. Dave, Your looking good. Keep smiling!!! Never give up. The best is yet to come. Love you, Dad
    See you on Sat.

  3. I guess getting started is better than the waiting? I pray for you every day big brother. I love you all so much, wish I could help you guys. You have such wonderful, beautiful family. Keep on keeping on. Hope to tag along with Dad on Saturday. Love, Jen

  4. Those man bibs sure look better on you than they did on me when I tried them on to see if they'd work!

  5. Man Bib-- what a great idea... leave it to Melody to come up with something useful and stylish. Praying for all of you every day...