Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Walking the Line

Dad met with a therapist at the Hearing and Balance Center yesterday.  They put him through a series of tests to figure out the right exercises for him to do to improve his balance.  The first test they strapped Dad into a machine that moved the two plates he was standing on to test where his center of balance is and how he compensates when he is knocked off balance.  All in all, the doctor was impressed with Dad's balance and how well he does compensate.

They tested his reflexes, and then ran him through a bunch of exercises.  He had to walk the line a few times.  Dad told the lady, "I don't drink because I can never walk the line even when I'm sober."  She's given Dad a list of exercises to do each day for at least 15 minutes.  She'd really like him to practice twice a day.  Dad knows that the more he follows through, the better his balance will be.  We'll meet with the Balance Therapist every two weeks.  The best part about the visit- Dad is graduating from the cane to a pair of hiking sticks.  The therapist said they would probably help him not lean to the right so much.  Dad's just excited to have something with a poky end to poke me with.  And I'm excited to steal them away from time to time and take some serious hikes.

Later today we head back up the Huntsman Cancer Center, where Dad will get outfitted for radiation.  He's not so excited.  But we are all looking forward to knowing what the schedule will be for the next 6 weeks!


  1. Sounds like it was a good visit! I wish I could have been there, but I'm glad i won't be on the receiving end of the hiking sticks like Abbie!

  2. Looks like he'll be able to use the hiking sticks when he hikes the Uintahs. :)

  3. Hiking sticks are all the rage these days. I see people all around town using them to speed walk and such. I am glad to hear of each step of progress. Wish I could come up and hug you big brother! Keep on keepin' on! Love, Jenny