Thursday, April 7, 2011

MRI Pictures

Here are 2 MRI pictures taken the day after surgery. The bright spot on the right side of the picture is where the tumor used to be. You can see how big it was!! Abbie tried to bring up some of the pictures of the tumor itself on the computer while we were waiting for the doctor to come in so we could take a picture of them, but we just couldn't find them and we were afraid the doctor would walk in on us!!! The doctor explained that the bright spot shows some brain tissue swelling and is also an indication of some of the tentacles of the tumor that were left behind and still activem but you can see how big the tumor was to begin with.

Yesterday, Abbie, Mel, David and I met with the oncology team. Every time we are at the Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI), we meet another team and everyone of them has been supportive, caring and helpful - some of them are even funny. Barbie the nurse and Dad have become good friends. She even gave him the remote to his chair yesterday which he promptly moved up and down, up and down and up and down. And Abbie is working on a puzzle each time we go and she has gotten quite a bit of it put together. I imagine by the time we are done there, she will have finished this one along with several others!!! But, oh, how thankful I am to have the girls with me there.

Last night, Rich Hadlock and his son Kayden came over to visit us. They brought me a box of chocolates (which I will thoroughly enjoy), but they brought David a 2010 commemorative Boy Scout t-shirt for the Boy Scout's 100th birthday last year. They just wanted to say thank you to David for his work in the Scouting program and the good influence he has been on the Cubs in our ward. David was very touched and so thankful to have someone visit. The only other person who has come to visit was another mom and her Cub Scout, Traci and Logan Gunn, who brought John Wayne movies for David to watch. I have always been very proud of David and his Scouting work and experience. I told him a long time ago, that I wasn't worried about having to deal with hard living situations or threats because he was an Eagle Scout and I felt protected by his side. That is true even today...even today. Thank you Hadlocks and Gunns for your appreciation of David; this means so much to him. As soon as we get the shirt on, we'll post a picture of it!!!

David starts occupational therapy tomorrow, physical therapy on Monday and goes to the Radiation Clinic on Tuesday for a simulation dry-run before he starts the radiation - probably on Monday, April 18. We'll keep you posted.

Love to all of you from all of us!

Janis and family


  1. Kayden and I had a great time talking to you, Dave and your daughters last night. I know Dave has left a mark on Kayden through scouting and will never ever forget him for what he was as a Scouter. People like Dave are the reason Kayden recently said to me, "Dad, I want to be an Eagle Scout."

    I was inspired by the positivity and hope in the room last night. The fact that everyone in the room had a smile on their face, including Dave, was wonderful. You have a special family and we appreciate all you have done for us through your actions and examples.


  2. Thanks so much for the updates on my brother. Julie is over at Lisa and Gavin's today, still no baby. I am going to make time to come and see you all........SOON!

  3. I can't adequately describe how happy we all are to see Dave at work. He looked visibly stronger today than he appeared on Tuesday when he came in. And he was able to tolerate all of our chaos for probably close to two hours. We all feel so inspired and relieved to see him and talk to him.
    Don't be a stranger, Dave, but definitely leave when we start to wear on you.

  4. Go forward with faith. All my love Dad

  5. Thank you Janis so much for the post. I must check the blog 100 times a day for any news/comments. I miss my brother.


    PS smokey misses you 2

  6. Janis~

    I am so glad to hear the updates. I am so glad you have such a strong support system in your family. I feel so blessed to have you and Dave as my neighbors. You BOTH have definately influenced my life and my family with your teachings and great examples. We would love to come visit again soon. Riley really wants to come say hi and see Daves scar (laugh). Hope to talk soon.