Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Radiation/Chemotherapy Update

Yesterday, David had his follow-up visit with Dr. Randy Jensen, the surgeon who did the operation. He is healing very well and will be tapering off the anti-seizure medications over the next few days, which the doctor said would help him with his balance and his sleepiness. And the best part was we didn't have to make a follow-up appointment!!! Hopefully, as much as we love Dr. Jensen, we won't have to go see him again!! But David did ask him if another surgery was possible and the Doctor said, "Only if there is a real immediate need." But right now, there is no need!!

Radiation is going well so far. The nurses love David's humor and jokes and I think he likes being pampered by them!! He is expected to lose his hair where the radiation enters his head and where it exits. As of today, we can't tell exactly where that is, but I'm sure it will show up. Chemotherapy has not made David sick, although, he hasn't wanted to eat very much. The radiation is expected to zap his energy level beginning at about the second week and then continue until treatment ends which is June 2. He will then have another MRI the end of June to see how the chemo/radiation treatment has worked.

This Friday it will have been 5 weeks since his surgery and just this last week we have seen continued and steady improvement in his balance, memory and speech. He reads a page in the Book of Mormon each night with us and it is comforting to hear his voice and his speech get better and better each night. He is also going to work more and staying a little longer each time.

We are all very thankful for the answers to our prayers and for the patience and faith to endure this illness. Thank you for your help and support. We love you all.


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  1. Dave

    Thanks again for your help yesterday with the tents! It is great to see your progress. You are one tuff guy. Our prayers are with you Dave, and we also pray for those who stand by you and care for you each day.

    As I walked with you yesterday at the J, I could feel the love and concern that everyone has for you. You are a rich man.