Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I think we are getting closer to starting the radiology - at least I think so. It seems every time we go to the doctor's we expect to find out the EXACT start date so we can get on a regular routine. Yesterday, David and I went to the Radiology Department at HCI to get a mask made of his face so he can begin radiation. The mask helps to keep David's head in the same place each time he goes in for radiation. Then they got him on the table and made sure everything was in the right place. Soooo, next Wednesday, we go in for a dry-run with mask and everything and then the radiation begins on Thursday - but we still won't know for sure what time until after our appointment on Wednesday. But we do know it will be daily radiation treatments (approximately 1/2 hr) every weekday for 6 weeks - so radiation will probably end about the beginning of June. It's a good thing - David is planning on hiking in the Uinta's in August!!! Although Andy and I discussed the possibility of having a helicopter deliver him to a camping site and then delivering him home by helicopter, too. Unfortunately, for David, his favorite part is actually walking along the trail with the llamas!! Yea, I don't get that either...although I know MOST of you do!!!

David worked for 2 hours before he went to the HCI, and then we were at HCI for another 2 hours and he was exhausted!! Poor guy! He slept very well all night though so that was a good thing. He was hoping to be able to work a few hours each day this week, but even he didn't feel like going in today - which is a good thing. He feels so much better, is able to speak more clearly and retains information better after he is rested. And I think he will need all of his strength to get through the radiation!!

David has also been put on daily insulin injections to keep his blood sugar under control. This whole thing has really played havoc with his numbers. Hopefully, the insulin will help stabilize his blood sugar - and watching his diet - which we are trying to do!!

The picture above is of David at my niece Joy's wedding at the San Diego Temple last June with both of my sisters, Jodie and Krista and some of their children. David loves California and he thoroughly enjoyed the time we were there. He will always be a California boy...

Thank you again for your continued prayers and happy thoughts. They are so appreciated by all of us.



  1. Sounds like a good appointment today. Are you getting llama's to go on the hiking trip too? If not, I think a few of us could help pack stuff in. We'll be better company than a llama (I'm assuming).

    So, no peanut butter cups?!! I like that picture. Looks like a fun crowd.

  2. I'm not sure what the mask is for but it doesn't sound like fun. Keep to the doctor's orders though, David.
    I love Katie's comment, LOL. Sounds like we might need to practice spitting to make it a somewhat close experience to a hike with llamas.