Thursday, May 26, 2011

I guess this means progress??

Amy left today to go home to Renton, Washington. I guess that means progress right? David is able to do pretty much anything he wants to now (except drive), Abbie gets her car back tomorrow, the last radiation/chemo treatment is next Thursday and every one's schedules are pretty much back to normal. So I guess its time for Amy to go back home, but boy, will we miss her. Let me list some of the things she has done while she has been home helping us through David's surgery:

My basement was painted (with Abbie, Andy and Mike's help)

We have 2 new flat screen TVs

My house has been set up for wireless Internet

We have cable TV now with ON DEMAND - which is the best!!

My garage floor is empty and most of the junk in my garage is gone (great garage sale $700+)

My downstairs bathrooms is completely renovated (with Abbie's design and hard work)

She organized a family BBQ when Melody was here!!! ALL OF THE FAMILY TOGETHER!!! It was the best! She did the cooking, had matching table cloths, napkins, bubbles for the little boys and delicious hamburgers for the rest of us. That day was very special to me.

The toys are organized

The books shelves are organized

The DVDs/CDs/video tapes are organized

Not to mention her numerous trips to take David to the doctors and wait hours and hours with him

She has cooked for us several times a week - which is so helpful to me

She has comforted me and helped me not to cry and to carry on

She has patiently helped David with his physical therapy - when he wanted to do it

Because of Amy and Abbie, I have been able to keep my job. Without them and their assistance, I would have had to quit working to take care of David.

She walks into the house looks around and just knows what to do - whether to pick up, whether to start dinner or whether to just sit down and relax.

And her faith, her happy disposition, her determination and her love for her family have kept us all in good spirits and given us the courage to keep going.

She now goes back to work and the next 4 months will be the busiest for her at her job, so she's not even going home to rest!! Melody will be coming for the summer when she is out of school up there, which will be good for us because Abbie will be living off and on up in Eden while she directs an outdoor school program/camp for children during the summer.

My mother always told me that daughters turn out to be mothers' best friends and she is right. My girls are my best friends. I love them all very much and Amy will leave a BIG hole here at home. Thank you, Amy, for all you have done for us. I don't know what I can do to show you how much I appreciate your love and support. We will ALL miss you! Come home again soon, okay?


  1. We love Amy too. It was nice to have her over for dinner this week before she left. We appreciate her (and all my sisters) love for my two boys.