Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Family Time

This past weekend Mel flew in for a quick weekend visit, so we decided to have a Family BBQ.  Amy really wanted a BBQ, so this was her excuse to buy one.  And we're glad she did!  The wind tried to deter us, but we ate outside anyways.  Dad's favorite dish is hamburgers with beans, so that's what we ate (plus some yummy grilled squash and Rob's amazing rainbow jello salad).  The grand kids played for hours (I'm not sure they even stopped to eat) and the rest of us talked and laughed.  Family Time is the best kind of time!

Dad is pretty tough.  He's just now starting to loose some hair and feel some tenderness on the left side of his head.  He's been putting in full days at work for three weeks now.  I'm amazed at how much he continues to do.  On Saturday he did some mowing, helped Mom and I plant the rest of the garden, plus started a full blown war against the wasps that have been hanging around.  He is feeling fatigued by the time he gets home each day, but continues to get up the next morning and continue on.  We are thankful that he is able to do many of the things he wants to do.


  1. Hope and pray that we continue to hear such good news! Family time is the best time. Thank you for continuing to update. and Abbie for posting on facebook the updates. thank you, take care all. Heidi McCabe

  2. It was a good time! We're looking forward to more fun summer BBQ's (and the wind is NOT invited!!). Thanks for posting, Abbie.