Thursday, December 29, 2011


Dad in his new birthday shirt
Dad was born December 23, 1949.  We were lucky enough to celebrate his 62nd birthday last friday night.  The whole family came up.  It was a very fun mad house with 11 adults and 5 grandsons running around in my parents apartment. 

Earlier that week Dad had another stroke, so he had pretty much been stuck in bed.  With a lot of man/girl power, my siblings got dad moved into his wheel chair and brought him out to the front room so we all could celebrate together. 
Crew telling Grandpa about his drawing

We started the evening with Dad's favorite dinner... hamburgers and beans.  Then Dad got to open his presents.  His grandsons gave him cards, drawings and Sawyer gave Dad an imitation Monet that he painted this summer.  It's awesome.  Dad was lucky enough to get gift cards to his favorite places to eat... McDonalds and Red Robin.

Amy explaining to Dad our gift
Dad checking out his lottery tickets
Ever since Dad's cancer diagnosis and strokes earlier this year, he's been constantly asking us to take him to Idaho so he can buy lottery tickets. When we'd shake our heads and ask why, he'd always respond, "I'm feeling lucky."  We've always found this humorous and a bit ironic.  One day at the beginning of December as I was driving around with Amy, we started to talk about what in the world to get Dad for his birthday.  I told her of my crazy idea of getting Dad lottery tickets from Idaho and wherever we could.  And since I'm the idea-girl and Amy's the details-girl; she went for it.  We posted on facebook and with the help of our friends across the country, and friends of friends, and our cousin's wife's brother's in-laws (I know it's sounding like a country song)... we received over 33 tickets from- Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virgina, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Washington, California, Idaho and Minnesota! 

You guys are amazing.  Seriously.  We were overwhelmed by the response.  It was so fun to open the mail box each day to see who else made this crazy birthday gift come to life.  I know in situations like this people want to help but there isn't always something tangible to do... this was tangible and you delivered.  We feel really blessed!
which of Dad's llamas does it look like?

So we found a talking card that said, "We have 3 wishes for your birthday" on the front and then when you open it, the voices scream, "ONE MILLION DOLLARS."  It was perfect.  Amy helped Dad open it up and explained to him what we did.  He thought it was really cool. 

We then ate llama cupcakes (they reminded me more of the Cadburry Egg commercials where they put bunny ears on a lion... I'm allowed to say that because I made them), but Dad liked them, as you can tell by his best smile and my nephews recognized them as llamas, so that's something.

Dad's best smile

Before bed, we scratched a few tickets.  And did so again the next day, and the next day, and the next day. 
Our first winning ticket

Christmas morning... another winning ticket
I'm now feeling like Dad; Lucky.  Lucky to have him as my Daddy.  Lucky to have been able to spend my 31 years of life here with him.  Lucky to be able to celebrate his birthday this year with him.  Lucky to have each additional day to spend with him on this earth.  And most Lucky to know that I'll see and be with my Daddy again in the future. 
I love you Dad!

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