Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas with my Papa

Last Monday (Dec 19th) I arrived at the Salt Lake International Airport.  I hadn't seen my Dad since I left in August.  When I left he was still working and getting around okay on his own.  I've talked to him at least twice a week since I left.  In my mind I knew that he's had some strokes and things weren't going all that well, but when you aren't there to see the changes, it's quite a shock.  Dad cannot support himself at all.  He's lost most of his ability to move his right leg and arm, and he has a hard time speaking. The week before I came, he was able to get out via wheelchair, but within a couple of days he was stuck in bed.  I spent most of my time sitting with him in his room watching Gold Rush, A-Team or NCIS.  A few of the days he slept a majority of the time - other days he was pretty awake and making jokes. Most of the time he didn't know what day it was.

 December 23rd was his 62nd birthday.  We combined Dad's birthday and our family Christmas party.  Dad decided he wanted to come out so we maneuvered him into his wheelchair.  We had hamburgers & beans (Dad's Favorite).  We did the Christmas Program Dad makes us do every year.  My brothers gave Dad a blessing and then we had cupcakes.  Not just any cupcakes, Abbie produced llama cupcakes.

Dad spent Christmas Day sleeping & I kept him company watching lots of NCIS episodes.  The next morning I sat with him until I had to leave.  He's pretty much sleeping all the time and he continues to have complications.  I'm really glad I got to spend that time with him.  Thanks to my siblings for letting me monopolize him while I was there.  I love you Papa!


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