Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Set Back

After going so long with good news, I hate to report that Dad is facing a set back.  I just spent the night with Mom and Dad in the ER at University of Utah hospital.  Dad had a series of falls outside in the garden yesterday afternoon, and after mom finally got him all cleaned up and resting in his chair, she took a second look at his face (which as scraped up) and noticed he was no longer able to focus his eyes or see anything.  She took him up to the ER where I met with them a few hours later.

They did a CT scan, with no obvious signs of stroke.  Then an MRI, which we were finally told showed something new on the right side of his brain.  They were unable to tell if it was a recurrence (new growth from the tumor) or if it was a stroke.  They said if it was a stroke it looked like it was from a few days ago.  They were leaving it up to Dr. Coleman to determine how to move forward.  We don't know when Dad will be able to see him, we are hoping sometime early this morning.

It is not a comforting feeling to walk into an ER, and realize your Dad can no longer see you.  We have no indication if Dad will regain his sight.  We ask for any and all prayers, good wishes and thoughts on his behalf.  


  1. Abbie, we are praying for David, please keep us posted.How is your Mom holding up? Tell her we love her and your dad so much. Love you guys, Aunt Jenny

  2. so sorry, we are praying and thinking of your family

  3. Abbie, I am so so sorry to hear this news! I am thinking of you and your whole family! Love to you all from Seattle. Kate B

  4. In our thoughts and prayers! Glad his eye sight is at least semi-back. Hope things continue to look up, no more set backs. We are thinking of you!