Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Avastin it is NOT!

This picture was taken almost 3 years ago this coming Thanksgiving!! Those little boys are 3 years old now - and just as cute!!

Well, David was not on Avastin for the study - which is a very good thing. Avastin is considered the "big gun" when it comes to a reoccurrence of brain cancer and right now it can only be prescribed when there is a reoccurrence. The study he was on was to determine how effective Avastin was at the onset of brain cancer, but, we won't be a part of that study now, but the doctor can now prescribe Avastin if there is an occurrence - and the doctor was very happy about that. But what about the cause of the strokes? Who knows? But all we can do is treat those things that cause strokes like keeping the blood pressure down, taking a cholesterol reducing medicine, and taking an aspirin a day and hope for the best. He will continue to do a 5-day chemotherapy treatment every 28 days and so far, it looks like it has been successful.

Unfortunately, David took a bad fall last night and almost had another one this morning. He is very unstable and his right leg just doesn't want to work or support him. He cannot walk without someone helping him and he's pretty scary on the stairs!!! I really worry about him and I'm not quite strong enough to hold him up when he's going down, so we're trying to be very slow and careful. He's probably safer with Russell than with me!!!

David will have another MRI in a month and until then, we just watch closely and hope and pray he will improve with no more seizures and no more strokes - your prayers and good wishes would be much appreciated in that direction. We have a long way to go.

With love and gratitude,



  1. I wish there was more that we could do for you guys, but you have our prayers and positive thoughts. Thank you for keeping us updated. I check all the time. I worry about both of you. Take care, love to you both. Jen & Lou & family

  2. It is interesting to watch Brother Dave over the last two weeks as he improves. Not only am I glad to see Dave in the morning when he is scheduled to hang with us in the shop, but Smoke and Lucy love their Uncky Dave and look forward to seeing him. Dave saves half of his sausage sandwich for the dogs each morning.

    Dogs have a special insight into us humans. These two yappers stand watch over Dave while he sleeps in the "man" room. If the door is closed, they both lay right outside the door all morning waiting and wondering.

    There are a large group of friends, family, and total strangers praying for Dave. Prayer is a powerful tool.

    Uncle Russ