Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dr. Coleman

Just got a text from Mom -

Dr. Coleman just came in and here is the diagnosis:  A seizure, a few mini strokes, no new cancer growth.  The study Dad has been on is now ended until they know if he was on the avastin or not and if he is they will stop the drug.  Avastin causes strokes.  (We didn't know that).  He will be in the hospital another day or two depending on obtaining further test results.  Depending on that and how he responds he will either go home or to a rehab facility for a few days.

Finally!! some news and direction.  David is able to see now but is still not able to get around too well, but now we have some help!! Thanks for your prayers.

** I talked to mom and got some further info.  They are going to rule out other causes of his stroke before they determine if he can stay on Avastin or not***

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