Friday, June 3, 2011

Mile Stone Reached

Don't be scared.  That's just a picture of Dad wearing his radiation mask.  I took this picture of him wearing it last night at home, which means..... Dad is done with radiation!!!!!!

See here's his certificate

Dad received a total of 6000cGY (centi-gray) over a period of 30 treatments.  Dad wore the mask every time.  The mask clipped onto the board, keeping Dad's head still and in the same position so the radiation gun would hit its seven targets on the frontal lobe.  Dad only had some minor side effects like loosing his hair, and some burns on his skin.  And then of course there was the exhaustion.  However Dad still worked almost everyday of his treatment.  He's a trooper. 

Dad truly gets to recover now.  He is off Chemo and Radiation for a month.  He'll get an MRI done on June 30th and then meet with Doctor Colman, his neuro-oncologist to hear the status of the deathstar and what the next steps in treatment will be.  We pray that this step of treatment was effective.


  1. Hi Dave
    I'm glad things are moving along well! Harrison informed me about 30 min. ago that you had asked him to pass along a message to me the last time he saw you at the Provo PPC I'm not sure how long ago that has been but I'm really glad that your scar is healing well.Do you need some more cookies yet? I'll bring them to the family reunion of course you'll have to share them with a few people. I love you very much and I'm looking forward to seeing you again soon. Love Wendy

  2. I was thinking of you tonight and came to see if there was any new news. There isn't and I hope that means you are recovering from your chemo and radiation. You are in our prayers. Hope everyone is doing well. I can't wait to see you guys at the reunion. Love you all, Aunt Jenny