Friday, August 12, 2011

My summer visit

Dad - irritated at the beeping & lack of diet coke in the infusion room
Well my summer visit is almost over.  Thursday was my last visit to the Huntsman for awhile, but Dad will have to keep going.  He had an infusion on Thursday and I wouldn't let Dad have his morning Diet Coke.  I did give in after the I.V. was started and ran up to the 5th floor and got him one.  I will miss seeing all of Dad's doctors, nurses, and PA's every month.  I will not miss the MRI days - because Dad hates them.  I didn't mind going up to HCI with Dad - I got lots of reading and sewing done.  I got to listen to Dad sing along with the songs I put on his iPod (He's good at Surfing USA and Wake Up Little Suzie)  and I got to spend a little time with Dad - even if all the beeping in the infusion room drives him nuts!  I love you Dad! 

Dad has another MRI and an appointment with Dr. Coleman this week.  Stay tune for details!

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  1. I would be frustrated by the lack of Diet Coke as well. We miss you already, Mel!